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Established in the town of Ayvacık in the province of Çanakkale, Ayvacık Vocational School, which is affiliated to Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, has been providing education since 1994. Ayvacık Vocational School has various educational programmes such as Business Management (regular and evening programmes), Tourism and Hotel Management (regular and evening programmes) and Banking Business and Insurance Business (regular and evening programmes). In the 2012-2013 academic year, there are plans to open programmes in Traditional Handicrafts, Tourist Guidance and Cookery. As of the year 2012, the total number of registered students is 548. By the year 2012, 719 students had graduated from the School.

The academic staff of Ayvacık Vocational School consists of 3 assistant professors and 9 lecturers. The language of instruction is Turkish and education programmes continue for 4 semesters. Students who successfully complete the programmes are awarded an Associate Degree diploma. Two buildings are available for educational activities at Ayvacık Vocational School. In the new building, there is a conference hall, a seminar room, five classrooms, a computer laboratory, a canteen, a dining hall, and seven administrative offices. In the older building, a computer laboratory, three classrooms, two application and practice workshops, a chemistry - natural paint laboratory, a library, a service workshop and a practice kitchen are available. The closed (indoor) area of the buildings is 2298 square meters.

Address: Ayvacık Meslek Yüksek Okulu Ayvacık Çanakkale
Tel: 0286 712 32 05
Fax: 0286 712 30 93
Bayramiç Vocational School offers two-year programs leading to an Associate Science Degree in Child Development, Fisheries, Food Technology, Forestry, Horticulture, Marketing and Public Relations and Advertising. Education has been offered in the new building since 2009, with a total campus area of 50.000 square meters, while the inner part of the building is 3850 square meters. In the new building there are: a conference hall, a seminar and meeting room, a computer laboratory, 6 other laboratories and a number of lecture halls. Furthermore, to comply with the required educational standards, there are 2 greenhouses and an open garden and field areas for the practical education of the students. In addition, within the School’s campus there is an open basketball and volleyball court, as well as table tennis facilities for the sports activities of the students. The library of the School is provided with scientific literature, necessary for the development of the present programmes. In the computer laboratory, the students have an opportunity to use the internet and improve their scientific, lingual and computing abilities.

To comply with national as well as international educational standards, all the students in the aforementioned programmes are required to have 30 days of practical on-the-job training during the summer break after the first year of their education. Furthermore, students may undertake summer practice abroad within the framework of the School’s international agreements within EU educational programmes such as Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci. The School has been involved in several Leonardo da Vinci Mobility and Transfer of Innovation projects. The main mission of Bayramiç Vocational School is to provide education in accordance with not only national but also international standards, so that the graduates can be successful in their career by displaying outstanding competence in the ever-developing world of industry.

Address: Bayramiç Meslek Yüksekokulu Bayramiç 17700 Çanakkale
Tel: 0090 0286 7732512
Fax: 0090 0286 7732513
Biga Vocational School started to offer education within the structure of Trakya University in the 1990-1991 academic year, and joined Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University when it was established in 1992. Education continues at the School with fifteen programmes, twelve of which offer day classes (Accounting and Tax Applications, Automotive Technology, Business Management, Cooperative Studies, Electricity, Food Technology, Furniture and Decoration, Livestock Raising, Local Administration, Machinery, Marketing, Milk and Dairy Products Technology) and three of which offer evening classes (Accounting and Tax Applications, Automotive Technology, Marketing). The School, which aims to enhance the quality of its education in accordance with the mission to educate qualified graduates who have knowledge and ability that vocational education requires within international standards, has an academic structure which develops itself all the time through participation in international congresses, symposiums, workshops, and research projects. Of the 25 academic personnel who serve in our School, six are assistant professors and nineteen are lecturers.

Education is provided in two buildings at the School, which has a closed area of 9.149m2 and an open area of 48.225 m2. For our students’ practical and laboratory activities, there are a central laboratory and laboratories for computing and computerized accounting, workshops for wood processing, milk and dairy products, automotive technology and electricity, and a technical drawing classroom. There are also an auditorium with a seating capacity of 110 people, an assembly hall, a library with access to the internet, an internet café, a canteen, and a dining hall. There is a tennis court, a basketball court, a volleyball court, a football field, and an amphitheatre with a seating capacity of 300 people for social and sports activities. There is also covered seating located around the pool where students spend their free time. . The aim of our school is to provide its students with sufficient professional knowledge to improve their social skills and integrate them into the society as graduates who have objectives and are open to university-industry-environment cooperation. Graduates of the School work in the public and private sectors and set up their own businesses as well. They also can continue their education in undergraduate programmes of their fields through the external transfer exam.

Address: Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi Biga Meslek Yüksekokulu Şirintepe Mah. Kıbrıs Şehitleri Cad. No: 37 17200 Biga / ÇANAKKALE
Tel: 0090 286 316 2878
Fax: 0090 286 316 3733
Çanakkale Vocational School offers education in 6 different programmes, which include Public Relations and Publicity, Local Administration, Accountancy and Tax Applications, Business Management, Office Management and Secretarial Studies, Child Development. The primary purpose is to train productive personnel educated at international quality standards, equipped with technical knowledge and skills which can be used to serve the community. There are around 3000 students in these programmes. The building of the School is located on the Terzioglu Campus of Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University. In the building, there are 4 computer laboratories, an equipment laboratory, a microprocessor laboratory, a drawing studio, a photography studio, a darkroom, a shooting studio to be used for the practical courses of mechanical drawing and basic art training, and also a basement laboratory, an asphalt laboratory, a materials and concrete laboratory for the Construction Programme, a textile workshop, an practice studio for the Child Development Programme, and a secretarial office that the students of the Office Management and Secretarial Studies Programme use as a professional practice area. The practice workshop of the Furniture and Decoration Programme is situates on the Sarıcaeli campus and the practice workshop of the Ship Building Programme is on the Eceabat campus.

In addition to the possibility of working in various places of employment in the public and private sectors, graduates can continue their academic studies by transferring to a bachelor’s degree programme in their own field through passing the external transfer exam which is held every year.

Address : Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi Terzioğlu Kampüsü17100 ÇANAKKALE
Tel : 00 90 286 218 05 70
Fax : 0 286 218 05 71
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Educational programmes in Ezine Vocational School were started in the 1994-1995 academic year with two programmes, Computerized Accounting and Business Administration. In the current academic year, the school maintains educational activities in Business Administration, Accounting and Taxation, Foreign Trade, Public Relations and Publicity, and Marketing Programmes. The School includes regular and evening education programmes with a total of 587 students on its new campus. The student dormitory for female students has a capacity of 72 beds. Students who do not stay at the dormitory may stay in other private dormitories or hostels in Ezine. The state hospital and local health centre provide the necessary health services for our students. On the new campus, the library covers ​​144 m² and has 5607 books and Internet connections for 10 computers. The students can spend their leisure time in the library. On the campus, there are also 10 classrooms, 2 computer rooms, a conference hall with a seating capacity of 218, an outdoor sports area (volleyball, basketball, mini football field), a cafeteria and a dining hall at the service of our students. While the Business Management programme trains qualified people for the needs of the labour market, the Foreign Trade programme aims to educate competent professional staff in the areas of import and export. Furthermore, the Public Relations and Publicity, Marketing, Accounting and Tax Applications programmes train students qualified to meet the needs of society, and who can adapt to constantly changing business conditions and new products. The main goal of all our programmes is to train students for the public and private sectors, who can contribute towards changing and improving the conditions of our country. The language of instruction in the school is Turkish. All programmes in the Ezine Vocational School are 2-year (4 semesters) programmes. All students who successfully graduate from their programme can continue studying in 4-year undergraduate programmes by passing an exam allowing them to transfer to a bachelor degree. In addition, they can continue their education in relevant branches at the Anadolu University Open Education Faculty without any qualifying examination.

Address: Ezine Meslek Yüksekokulu Ezine-Çanakkale
Tel: 00 90 286 618 45 25
Fax: 00 90 286 618 45 46
Gelibolu Piri Reis Vocational School is located on the Gelibolu Peninsula in Turkish Thrace (or East Thrace), the European part of Turkey, with the Aegean Sea to the west and the Dardanelles to the east. Gelibolu derives its name from the Greek “Kallipolis” meaning "Beautiful City”. Gelibolu Piri Reis Vocational School was established in 1994 and graduated its first students in 1996. The School was first located in Lapseki, Canakkale and then moved to Gelibolu in 1997. The School has 8 academic personnel and 7 operational staff. Currently, 460 students have enrolled in three programmes in the following departments: Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services Department - Hospitality Programme; Accounting and Tax Department - Accounting and Tax Applications Programme; Transportation Services Department - Sea and Seaport Management Programme The facilities of the School include seven classrooms with a capacity of 50 students each and equipped with projectors, a computer lab with 50 PCs, a seminar room with a seating capacity of 150, a library, a 52-bed training hotel, a copy room, a sport area, a cafeteria and a beach.

Address: Gelibolu Meslek Yüksek Okulu Keşan Caddesi no: 15 17100 ÇANAKKALE
Tel: 00 90 286 5663922
Fax: 00 90 286 5663911
Gökçeada Vocational School carries out its educational activities with 15 academic and 9 administrative staff and has 689 students. There are two campuses located in Gökçeada and Bozcaada. While four departments, namely, The Department of Management and Organization (Business Management Programme), The Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services (Tourism and Hotel Management Programme), The Department of Marketing and Advertising ( (Public Relations and Publicity Programme) and The Department of Foreign Trade (Foreign Trade Programme) are located on the Gökçeada Campus, The Department of Travel, Tourism and Entertainment Services (Tourism and Travel Services Programme) is within the Bozcaada Campus.

Gökçeada and Bozcaada Student Clubs have been established by the students in order to organize various cultural, sports, art and educational events which help to develop their knowledge and skills and also allow them to utilize their free time in a positive and active way. The Clubs facilitate the students’ self-development process by offering them the opportunity to take part as individuals who can observe, investigate, be enterprising and become involved. The Department of Management and Organization / Business Management Programme aims to educate well trained individuals equipped with computer-based technology skills who will work as intermediate staff in professional fields of business management; and meet the needs of the industry and service sectors of our country. The Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services / Tourism and Hotel Management Programme aims to educate well trained individuals equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to work as intermediate staff in modern hotels, restaurants and other tourism businesses that provide various services to their customers; and to meet the needs of the industry and service sectors of our country. The Department of Marketing and Advertising / Public Relations and Publicity Programme aims to educate well trained individuals equipped with theoretical and conceptual knowledge and cognitive and practical skills in order to work as intermediate staff in the field of public relations in all businesses; and to meet the needs of the industry and service sectors of our country. The Department of Foreign Trade / Foreign Trade Programme aims to produce well trained individuals equipped with technical knowledge and practical skills relevant for both directions of foreign trade (import-export), which have a high priority within the overall development of the country; graduates will work as intermediate staff in fields that are gaining in importance, such as customs and logistics, in both public and private sector businesses, and will meet the needs of the industry and service sectors of our country. The Department of Travel, Tourism and Entertainment Services / Tourism and Travel Services Programme aims to educate well trained individuals who will work as intermediate staff in all levels of the tourism, travel and entertainment services sector or will set up their own businesses in the sector; and also meet the needs of the industry and service sectors of our country.

Address: Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi, Gökçeada Meslek Yüksekokulu Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Org. Necdet Timur Caddesi No:1
17760 Gökçeada / Çanakkale
Tel: 00 90 286 887 44 10
Fax: 00 90 286 887 46 44
The Health Services Vocational School, founded in 1993, is located in the city centre of Çanakkale. Currently, the educational activities in the school are conducted within three programmes: “Medical Laboratory Techniques”, “Medical Imaging Techniques” and “First and Emergency Aid”. All the programmes aim to train high quality technicians and support staff to work in the health sector. Our school is now one of the top choices for students studying for a science associate degree, since graduates can easily find a job both in the government and private medical sectors.

The language of education in our school is Turkish. The length of the education is 4 semesters. During the two-year period of education, students take theoretical and practical courses and participate in a summer internship at the end of the first year. Currently, the school has over 180 students. We aim to educate highly qualified and competent health technicians in the light of universal values of science and technology.

Address: Saglik Hizmetleri Meslek Yüksekokulu 17100 Çanakkale
Tel: : 00 90 286 215 00 97-98
Lapseki Vocational School, located in an area surrounded by natural beauties between sea and green land, has been founded in 2001. Lapseki Vocational School functioning with 6 departments and 10 programs including 2 second educational programs aims to educate and to assist students in adapting to the rapidly changing needs and demands of the world. Vocational programs include Organic Agriculture, Nursery Growing, Plant Protection, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Laboratory Technology, Landscape and Ornamental Plants, Preservation and Storage Technology of Agricultural Products, Banking and Insurance, Accounting and Tax Treatment and Finance.

The courses offered at Lapseki Vocational School provide all students the opportunity to develop their critical thinking and problem solving capabilities in a particular area. Vocational School staff members are highly qualified in their specific areas and make practical applications for students’ success. Vocational training focuses on educating productive, informed and capable technicians who are able to follow up the recent technologies to meet the requirements of the public or private sectors. The necessity of training periods in commercial companies, farms or institutions is a valuable part of the programs, where the reality of working life combines with what the students have learnt at the school.

The laboratories of the school opened its doors with modern equipment to be used for analysis. Vocational School provides its students with modern computer lab that is used mainly for educational purposes. Cafeteria, dining hall, conference hall and sports grounds are available to meet students wants and needs. Upon graduation, whether you choose to enter into workforce or decide to continue further with your education. Graduates of vocational school may also transfer to bachelor’s program to fulfill four year graduation in the case of passing the Graduate Transfer Exam (DGS). Since Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University was awarded Erasmus Programme by the European Commission, Lapseki Vocational School students can benefit from the Erasmus student mobility studies.

Address: ÇOMÜ Lapseki MYO Gazi Süleyman Paşa Mahallesi Üniversite Caddesi No:1 17800 Lapseki / ÇANAKKALE
Tel: 00 90 286 522 6104
Fax: 00 90 286 522 6101
Yenice Vocational School currently offers 11 programmes to 1155 students. The programmes are as follows: Fashion Design, Traditional Handicrafts, Textile Technology, Business Management, Accounting and Tax Applications, Banking and Insurance, Foreign Trade, Logistics, Marketing, Milk and Dairy Products Technology, and Forestry and Forestry Products.

With its 15 classrooms, 3 computer labs, 1 language class, 8 handicraft textile workshops, conference hall with seating for 128 people and its library, the school offers high quality education to its students. In Yenice Vocational School, there are two student cafeterias, an internet cafe, and an 80 person capacity guesthouse for the academic staff. For student accommodation, there are private dormitories for both male and female students.

Address: Yenice Meslek Yüksekokulu Çanakkale Asfaltı Üzeri
Tel: 00 90 286 474 28 68
Fax: 00 90 286 474 37 15