Academic Units

Departments Reporting to Rectorate

The main purposes of our department are to educate our students cognitively, socially and physically by using the most developed technology, prepare them for the future following Atatürk’s principles and reforms, facilitate participation in courses by making elective courses more entertaining and accustom our students physical exercise in order to prevent them from acquiring harmful habits and orient them to accept sports as a life style. Compulsory and elective physical education courses are given for all the faculties and colleges of the university. At the same time, the non-departmental courses of the faculties are also organized by our department.

Our department works in coordination with the Department of Health, Culture and Sports in the preparation of sports activities and events such as educational seminars for the students and sports activities for academic and administrative staff of the faculties, colleges and vocational colleges, with the contribution of the instructors of the Rectorate Department of Physical Education and Sports.